A small job for Komang Adnyana (age 32)

Already for a long time Komang Budi Setiti watched Komang Adnyana wander through the village,
looking for ways to earn some money to support his parents. He desperately wanted to make a contribution
to the family life.

In 2010 Komang decided to take him in, in an effort to at least try to teach him some reading and writing.

Beginning 2012 Komang saw more possibilities for this young man. He managed to let him become a simple job,
cleaning and gardening at the LPD (Lembaga Perkreditan Desa). This is a local bank owned by the village people,
founded to teach the people to have savings.

The bank employees really made an effort, but in the beginning they didn’t know how to handle working with
Komang Adnyana. Komang Budi Setiti mediated and know all is well.

Komang Adnyana is very happy working 6 mornings a week and he earns a modest salary.

Although the parents would like their children to properly learn to read and write (like ‘normal’ children…),
Komang decided to give more attention to creativeness, playing games and manual skills. He understands and
respects the wish of the parents.
From experience however he knows that the health condition of these students (between now and 10 years)
can rapidly become worse. That is why, in consultation with the Balinese volunteers, Komang made the choice
to let the students have as much fun as possible and to keep them busy in a meaningful way.

A very meaningful way to keep the students busy is the making of small offerings, that are being sold at the local

These small offerings are used for ceremonies. On Bali with their Hindu culture a daily ritual!

A school uniform
The most modest wish Bidadari Bali had was school uniforms for the students. In Indonesia it is common for all the
children to wear a school uniform. To show the world they also go to school, the students had the wish also to be
wearing an uniform.

After having made a collection to collect money the students got their first bright green uniforms, with the imprinting
‘Yayasan Bidadari Bali’ clearly for everyone to see!

A second set was donated by ‘Healey Menswear’ from Meppel. ‘Frion Steenwijk’ (daycare for people with a mental
disability) did the beautiful embroidery without costs.

And at this moment the students even have a third set of school uniforms, donated by a group of ladies who were
making a spiritual trip on the island of Bali. Centre Lumos in Hoogersmilde organized this trip. Komang was the
spiritual guide and leader of the group.

A small schoolbus
For a saver and more practical transport of the students the foundation wished for a small schoolbus. In consideration
of the sometimes poor health condition of the students, especially in the rainy season, not a luxury. Thanks to the big
support this wish also came through! The students find it hard to believe the Toyota Avanza (fit to be used in the
mountains) is theirs. To partly provide in the costs of maintenance, the bus will also be used to drive around tourists.
See photo's!

A school building
The biggest wish, a school building, also came through! With great thanks to all our sponsors, we succeeded having a
school built in a very short time. It made the students so happy to finally have a place of their own!

Their school building consists of multiple rooms: a classroom, a practice room (to be able to give some extra attention
when necessary), a bathroom and a small kitchen. The last two will be used to teach the students practical skills like
personal hygiene and cooking.
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