Welcome at the Bidadari Foundation

‘Bidadari’ is the Indonesian word for ‘angel’.

The Bidadari foundation supports in a practical way her partner organization ‘Yayasan Bidadari Bali’.
This, by the local people founded organization, is since 2007 active in the village Selat, in the
mountains of North Bali. Yayasan Bidadari Bali is devoted to support young people with an
mental disability and/or autism on the Indonesian island Bali.

The name for the foundation was chosen bij the initiator Komang Budi Setiti and his wife Ketut.

Komang and his wife don’t consider children with a mental disability as a punishment,
but as being angels who are sent to the world to teach the people around them.

In the words of Komang: “These children bring happiness and they take life as it is.”

With all our activities the millenium goals are our starting points.