Here you can read about our present and future projects.

  • An extra teacher
    (January 2014)

    Thanks to sponsoring we were able to employ an extra teacher named Pak Ketut. In a probationary period of three months,
    we experienced his heart is in the right place for our students. Pak Ketut forms a good team with Ibu Iluh, our female teacher.

    And fortunately we also found a sponsor for Ibu Iluh. After working for the past 7 years as a volunteer, we finally are able to
    reward her for her dedication by giving her a proper position as a teacher for our project.

    The sponsoring money we receive at this moment is sufficient to employ both teachers for 3 times a week. It would be
    wonderful if we could find more sponsors, to expand the time available for the students to go to school. In Indonesia all
    children go to school 6 days a week.

  • Personal hygiene
    (January 2014)

    We made a modest start to teach the students about personal hygiene, as part of achieving a better health.
    The new school also has a nice bathroom, so after the explanation of Pak Ketut that is where we began the lessons
    by brushing our teeth together. Unfortunately it is very visible that eating sweets does an extremely lot of damage.
    But apart of being educational it was also fun!

  • The school garden
    (January 2014)

    During her stay as a volunteer in the beginning of this year, Carla Roodenburg did a lot of work for starting a school garden.
    With the assistance of a local rice farmer (who does more small jobs as a volunteer for the project), she planted things like
    carrots, cucumbers, watermelons and pumpkins. Vegetables that are common to be cultivated in Indonesia. When she left
    the students took over caring under the supervision of their teacher Pak Ketut.

    The thought behind the school garden is that in future the students can sell the vegetables at the local market and in that
    way earn some money for their relatives themselves.

  • Caps of wool
    (January 2014)

    It may be hard to believe in a tropical climate, but the people of Bali many times wear caps made of wool while driving their
    motorbikes. Or in the rainy season, when they feel cold…. Knowing that gave us the idea of bringing wool and teach some
    women to make caps so they can teach the students. Also a way for the students to make some money. When we left one
    girl already could make a cap herself!

  • The playground
    (January 2014)

    The playground is at this moment still under construction..