About Komang

Because they themselves were blessed with 4 healthy children, Komang and his wife Ketut
decided in 2007 to dedicate themselves to give a helping hand to young people with Down
syndrome and/or autism in their home village Selat and wider area.
They managed to make some of their fellow villagers enthusiastic to work with them.
Together they made the choice to start a small schooling project for young people aged 12 years and older.

As a graduated biologist, who unfortunately was not able to obtain a job in his profession, Komang made a living by driving around tourists. To form a foundation and get the project started and going, Komang -on regularly base- visited his friends who were working in hotels
or restaurants. On these occasions he asked them to donate some of their tipping money.
Komang himself also donated a percentage of his.

Through his work as a driver Komang made Dutch friends, who (turned on by his dedication
and enthusiasm) decided to also support the project.

There became a group of people who, a few times a year, worked together on wellness fairs
giving massages and doing haircuts for a reduced price. The day’s wages were donated to
the foundation.

In the year 2010 Komang received the initiation to become a priest, together with his wife
Ketut. As a priest he also give healings, specifically to help people to find more peace of